2020 Kids Fishing Derby Results


Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Loon Lake Kid's Fishing Derby!



2020 Loon Lake Kid’s Fishing Derby results


1st place    Jaxon Christman

2nd place    Jose Christman

3rd place    Calvin Meiklejohn



1st place    Madelyn Fromader

2nd place    Emma Frecker

3rd place    Cooper Sarrazin



1st place    Lane Canvin

2nd place    Lily Cearbaugh

3rd place    Jude Cearbaugh



1st place    Abigail Seder

2nd place    Eden Cearbaugh

3rd place    Kaden Hill



1st place    Christian Kline

2nd place    Audrey Wenta

3rd place    Regan Smith


Special recognition goes to Tyson Finefrock, he caught his first muskie. and it was the first muskie caught at the Loon Lake Kid’s Fishing Derby.  He chose to not bring the fish in to weigh because it would not have survived, but the fish measured 27 inches.  Way to go, Tyson!!!