About Loon Lake

All Loon Lake property owners would agree... Loon Lake is a very special place to live! For many of us buying property on Loon Lake was the realization of a dream. But beyond the fact that we have a lake right outside our front door, Loon Lake is a community of wonderful, fun-loving, caring people. Frankly there are other lakes. Northeastern Indiana is blessed with an abundance of lakes. But...we are a bit biased...we don’t think they can stack up to what we enjoy as residents of Loon Lake. Our Board members have had the opportunity to talk with a lot of other lake association leaders, TWF (Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation) members, and DNR officials, both local and state level. During these conversations they are constantly amazed by what we do and what we have accomplished as a small association. In fact, they have confirmed, we not only have the highest membership to resident percentage (over 60%), but we are clearly the most active association within the TWF group of lakes. That says a great deal about the people who are dedicated and care about the present and future of Loon Lake. Just think of all the things we do and in a year’s time: A garage sale, fishing derby, can collections, fireworks, pancake breakfast, sailboat race, lighted boat parade, 5.5K run, kayak flotilla, golf outing, poker run, brat sale. And that’s just the obvious public events. Behind the scenes a long list of Board and Committee members and volunteers spend countless hours making sure this all happens. There are meetings, master plans, financial records and reports, newsletters published and e-mail blasts to keep members informed. We spray purple loosestrife, addle goose eggs and place buoys to help boaters protect our lake shores. We’ve undertaken the opportunity to acquire property for a conservancy to preserve the habitat and health of the lake. In the past few years several property owners have personally taken advantage of Healthy Shoreline grants to improve their property as well as the habitat of the lake. We even have a group that has privately come together to fund stocking and maintain the lake fishery. It literally adds up to not just hundreds, but thousands of volunteer hours. And it’s this spirit of volunteering and participation that makes Loon Lake a special place to live and play. Why do all these people give of their time and effort? The reasons are as varied as the number of people involved. But, as we have talked to volunteers, there is a common theme that comes up in almost every conversation. They’re all having FUN!! It’s spending time on the water, making new friends, seeing the smiles of residents, their children and grandchildren. And yes, it leaves you feeling good to know you are contributing to making and keeping Loon Lake special today and for the generations to come.